A Passion for God

Any follower of Jesus, any gathered body of believers, must be characterized by a sincere, tangible love and passion for God himself. It’s what we call having a Passion for God. He must be the center of our passions; the reason for our being. Knowing him better, loving him more deeply, treasuring him above all else, in other words, glorifying him, is the hallmark of a faithful church. From Psalm 68:1-8, we can draw out these thoughts to give us a picture of what it means to have a Passion for God

  • A person with a passion for God has the “magnetic north” of their soul set on God.
  • A person with a passion for God has a sense of seeking that is dead serious, even desperate for God.
  • A person with a passion for God actively pursues God – reflecting and meditating on him as they  dive into his Word; crying out to him in prayer.
  • A person with a passion for God will see inward transformation that will find outward expression –  deep inward satisfaction that finds rest and contentment in God expressing itself outward in joyful praise and worship!

“If God gives you himself to enjoy…that joy will not come to consummation until you express it in praise.” (John Piper)

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  1. A very helpful comment we received after this post went out last week…

    My wife and I have been reading through the Scriptures together this year which has been so good. We just started Mark. As a context for reading Mark this time, I’ve been thinking about a book my sister is reading on a pastor who tried to model everything that Jesus did. So I have been thinking about that as I read. I got to the part about Jesus going up on a mountain side to pray and I thought about me and how I have not done that. What would it look like if I did? I would need to leave those around me like Jesus did, and get away and be alone with God for a time. I would solely focus on praying during that time, and I would do that regularly, not just once.

    The pastor who wrote the book has a son who attended a class taught by a rabbi. The rabbi knew he was a CHRISTian and said something like “If you truly want to become like Jesus, you need to be reading about him every single day” It was matter of fact statement like “If you want to be an expert mechanic, you need to be working on cars every day”

    How would our passion for God change if we read about Jesus every day, for the purpose of becoming more like Him?

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