What’s Behind Mercy Hill?

Mercy Hill Circle Logo 3

Isn’t it interesting how a name is often so fitting or conversely, how at times a name is not fitting at all? Is a name defined by the one who bears it or is the person defined by the name they are given?  As a church our identity begins and flows out of who we are in Jesus and nothing else.  As Christians we’ve been given a name that defines who we are and gives direction and purpose to what we do. By God’s grace to us and the power of the Holy Spirit we can live and work and breathe in a way that is worthy and fitting of the name we’ve been given as Children of God and the Bride of Christ.

When considering the name for a new church God is building in West Chicago and surrounding communities there were a couple primary reasons Mercy Hill Church was chosen.

First, it is representative of who the church is already in Christ, saved by Jesus. (Titus 3.5) Mercy Hill is a reference to Calvary or Golgotha, where the perfect and only sinless Savior died to pay for our sin.  (1 Peter 1.3) We desire to honor and remember His sacrifice and be identified with it, even in name.

Secondly, the name Mercy Hill acts as a continual reminder to fulfill our calling to live like Jesus; sacrificially and exuding a loving mercy to those within and outside the church. (Luke 6.36)  All good things that come from God began with His loving Mercy to us. Ephesians 2.4 says, “But God, being rich in mercy…” and from that flows grace, life, resurrection, glory and an inheritance. The Church should engage the world with The Gospel the same way, with a loving mercy.

It is the greatest of names we have been given as Children of God! It is also a great gift to have the Holy Spirit leading us in our new identity! We look forward to what God has planned for The Gospel as it lived out by this people – the people of Mercy Hill Church.

-Ryan Guerra, Worship Pastor