We Value Simplicity & Clarity of Mission

indexThis past Sunday, we continued to walk through a series on our 12 values. (You can find the full listing here.) Dictionary.com defines a value as ”A principle, standard, or quality considered worthwhile or desirable.” Thinking in this vein, the values we have are an attempt to reflect our priorities, what’s important to us; and in addition, to reflect what we desire to become, what will characterize us a local body of Jesus followers.

A couple of our values point to a strong desire to stay focused on our primary purpose – so we value simplicity and clarity of mission.

Mission. The mission of God is to make disciples. We want to see as many people as possible experience the sin-cleansing, shame-removing, life-changing, world-altering power of the Gospel. Our tendency os to want this place to look and feel like us. Yet, we exist to share the Gospel and our lives with those who live and work in our communities and around the world. Therefore, we will be a culturally engaged, disciple-making, church-planting church that seeks to see the Gospel spread locally and globally.

Simplicity. We believe that being what God wants the church to be does not have to be complicated, and yet so often, churches we complicate the main goal of making disciples. We value simplicity of structure and programming to free us up to focus on faithfully making disciples – staying on target with our mission. We envision much of our discipleship relationships flowing from Community Groups; or the simple act of calling someone up, going out for coffee, getting to know each other, building into each others life.