Godly Leaderdship

imagesThe local church is the primary means God has set in place for the accomplishing of the mission to make disciples. Because of this, who leads the church, and how they lead is a huge issue. It is huge because it will shape how faithful the church is to glorify God; how faithful she will be in having a Gospel presence in her communities; how faithful she will be in her Gospel proclamation. We desire to build foundations for a strong, healthy future. Thus, our summary statement on leadership…

We believe in a plurality and equality of biblically qualified elders who, under the leadership of Christ our Head, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, seek to honor the Lord in the leading of a congregationally engaged church. We believe that the New Testament teaches that the role of elder and the role of pastor are one and the same. Therefore, all elders are pastors and all pastors are elders. We also believe in the crucial role of biblically qualified, servant hearted, task-oriented deacons. The New Testament describes the qualifications for pastors/elders and for deacons. Those qualifications involve behavior, character, knowledge, spirituality, and abilities – both instinctive and learned (see 1 Tim. 3:1-13; Titus 1:5-9; Acts 6:1-7).

Our humble, earnest prayer is that God would raise up, in Mercy Hill, leaders for his church who will radiate holy, humble, Scripture-shaped, God-centered, Christ-submitted, Spirit-dependent lives.


We have a very intentional desire in regards to preparing men for eldership in the life of the church. If you’d like to see our “Elder (Pastor) Mentoring Process” send a note requesting that document to mercyhill.info@gmail.com. We’d be glad to send it to you.