Keeping Prayer Central : Updates & Encouragements

prayer_large-960x350At Mercy Hill, we are passionate to see prayer be the central engine that drives all we do. We’ve said that we want our prayer to be faith-filled, dependence-motivated, faithfully-practiced, both formal and spontaneous. This is truly a church born out of prayer, and so far sustained by prayer.

To keep that moving forward and to increase in faithfulness to be a prayer-driven church, we’re moving into a season of increased prayer together.

  • We now have 5 Community Groups that are meeting. Prayer will be a key component of each of them. Most of our “corporate” times of prayer will happen in our groups.
  • Our weekly prayer time (G.A.P. “Gather and Pray”) on Thursdays has been wonderful. With Community Groups up and running, we will begin to transition the G.A.P. times.
    • For March-May, we’ll meet twice a month for G.A.P. (March 27; April 10; April 24; May 8; and May 22). Details for each will be in the weekly Mercy Hill e-mail.
    • Beginning in June, we’ll start meeting once a month for G.A.P. – making it a much bigger time together (think: food, singing, and prayer)! The summer dates are tentatively set for June 12; July 10; and August 14.
  • We will have a time to pray together before Sunday worship starting on March 30. It will be at the school beginning at 9:15am.

We want to pray humble, confident prayers to the Father, in the name of the Son, in the power of the Holy Spirit. Let this quote adapted from The Valley of Vision, spur us on…

“Help us not only to desire small things but with holy boldness to desire great things for your people, for ourselves that we might all live to show Your glory!”