Community Group Discussion Questions for March 23, 2014

UntitledWhen our Community Groups get together, one of the things they do is to talk through the sermon form that weekend, with a goal of application and life transformation. Today, Pastor Craig talked about on “Covenant Membership” from Romans 12:9-21. Below are the discussion questions Community Group leaders will use. We’d encourage you to use these to: 1) prepare for Community Group; or 2) discuss with your family or friends if you’re unable to make it to Community Group.

Introductory Question

  • Why church membership? Do you think it’s good, bad, indifferent?

Reflection Questions

  • Read Romans 12:9-21…How would you define “genuine love”?
  • Discover together the examples of genuine love that Paul gives in the passage. What are they?

Application Questions

  • As you think through the ways “genuine love” for one another is defined and explained in the passage, discuss which of these is a particular challenge for you and why.
  • Also discuss ways you personally can grow in faithfulness to thinking, speaking, and acting in ways that reflect a heart that has been gripped by the Gospel?


  • Pray that, by God’s grace, membership at Mercy Hill will help us to be more and more faithful to thinking, speaking, and acting in ways that are consistent with the Gospel – that are good for each other and that bring glory to God. Pray for one another.