Why a New Church?

Since the beginning of the church age, God has been advancing his kingdom through the expansion of the local church. From the time of Paul to the 21st century, our call has been to go, preach the gospel, and build God’s church. In fact, some have argued that, “the single most effective evangelistic methodology under heaven is planting new churches” (C. Peter Wagner). Therefore, it is our belief that planting new churches is not an option, but an imperative and an urgent task that the church is called to engage in.

Thus, we desire to plant a new church in West Chicago, Illinois that exists to bring glory to God and affect gospel change by gathering God’s people and growing them to be like Jesus. Our earnest hope is that this new church, founded in a spirit of grace, will be a God-glorifying, Christ-exalting, Spirit-led, prayer-saturated, gospel-advancing, truth-driven, theologically-sound, disciple-making, love-showing, hope-giving, justice-pursuing, holistically-minded, needs-meeting, mercy-overflowing, and compassion-filled church.