Are We Grateful Mercy Hill?

The following line jumped out at me as I was reading from the devotional The Valley of Vision this morning….

I could more quickly count the sands of the ocean’s shore as number your favors towards me; I know but a part, but that part exceeds all praise.

What struck me as I prayed was the abundant nature of God’s favor to us as a young church. Birthed out of the crucible, we have only been gathering together for prayer, worship, and community since early January – just around 3 months. And yet the mercies of God to us, as the writer said, “exceeds all praise.”Our fellowship has been sweet, our worship deep, people are growing in their love for Jesus, babies are being born, God is working faith into the hearts of new believers…and so much more.

O that our hearts would be grateful, full of thankfulness and praise to God! What does your heart have to be grateful for? Don’t keep it to yourself!