He Understands Our Deepest Needs

Easter 2014.inddThis past Sunday began a 4-message Easter series, What’s So Great About Jesus? that is an attempt to bring biblical clarity to the crowded field of peoples’ opinions on the question. The idea is to let the biblical writers answer the question.

The first message, from the writer of Hebrews 4:14-16, proposed that Jesus is great because he understands our deepest needs. He understands that our sin has caused us to be separated from God and so he becomes our Great High Priest – our Advocate before the Father; our Mediator; our Sacrificial Lamb, once for all paying the price for our forgiveness and reconciliation.  He understands our weaknesses and the intensity with which temptations and trials hit us. Through his blood he makes access to God’s throne of grace open and free. He pleads with us and for us at that throne and calls us to boldly come and pray for mercy and grace.

Link to the audio for He Understands All Our Needs.