Dedication & Blessing of Children and Parents: Father’s Day (June 15)




On Father’s Day, Sunday, June 15th, we’ll be holding our first-ever “Dedication & Blessing of Children and Parents” at Mercy Hill Church. If you’ve recently welcomed a baby into your family, or have a child you would like to dedicate (regardless of age), we’d love to give you the opportunity to do so. Please let us know ASAP if you’d like to do so ( or call/text 206-554-1729).

Why “Dedication & Blessing of Children and Parents”?

  • The practice of child dedication is based on scriptural precedent, rooted in the Old Testament, in which Jesus was presented to the Lord in the temple as an infant (Luke 2:22-35).
  • The practice of child dedication is also based on, and acknowledges, God’s blessing towards and care for children (Isaiah 54:13; Matthew 18:1-5, 10; 19:13-15; Luke 18:15-17; Acts 2:39; 1 John 2:12-13).
  • The practice of child dedication is fundamentally an act of the parents. It is a commitment you, the parents, make in your heart before Jesus and agree to live out in your home together. The dedication we perform during the church gathering is simply a public acknowledgment of that commitment.
  • In dedicating your child, you acknowledge that your children are a gift given to you by God (Genesis 33:5; Psalm 127:3-5). As such they are a blessing, privilege, and tremendous source of joy (Proverbs 23:24-25) — even though they require much labor. Ultimately, we recognize that they have been created by our Father in heaven (Psalm 139:13) and, as such, belong to him, though entrusted to you to be raised in Christ (Exodus 13:2, 12).
  • In dedicating your child, you commit to live as parents who, by the grace of God, have a genuine walk with Jesus. In this way, you are committing to live a life worthy of emulation so as to not serve as a stumbling block to your child’s ongoing faith and trust in Jesus. (Matt. 18:5-6)
  • At the same time, your church (elders, deacons, members and community) commits to supporting, encouraging and praying for you, by the grace of God, as you seek to fulfill your God-given task of parenting and raising your child up in the knowledge of the Lord.

Child Dedication is Not:

Baptism: In order to avoid any confusion, it is important to note that dedicating your child is neither a “dry” baptism nor a substitute for baptism. As a church, we recognize believer’s baptism (i.e. baptism following the placing of your faith in Jesus) as the biblical model of baptism.

Magic: This likely goes without saying, but it too needs to be said. The practice of dedicating your child is not magic, nor a formula by which to manipulate God, nor does it place any kind of extra-special blessing or protection upon your child, nor does it secure or ensure their immediate or eventual salvation.

(Adapted and used by permission from Downtown Cornerstone Church, Seattle, WA