Community Group & Family Discussion Questions for June 8, 2014

UntitledWhen our Community Groups get together, one of the things they do is to talk through the sermon from that weekend, with a goal of application and life transformation. Earlier today, from the Gospel of Mark series, Jesus the Servant King, we looked at Mark 2:23-3:6, Mercy Trumps Rule Keeping. Below are the discussion questions Community Group leaders will use. We’d encourage you to use these to: 1) prepare for Community Group; or 2) discuss with your family or friends if you’re unable to make it to Community Group.

Introductory Question

  • Did you have something in your growing up days that was very cool but teasingly “off limits”? Explain.

Reflection Questions

  • Read the passage together…What is the key question asked by the Pharisees in the passage?
  • What does Jesus’ response, “The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath. So the Son of Man is Lord even of the Sabbath” teach us about Jesus? Teach us about the Sabbath?

Application Questions

  • How do we keep the principle of Sabbath without becoming legalistic or layering on rules to a day that is meant to be a blessing?
  • When do you slow down and remember Jesus as your Sabbath rest? When do you take special time to reflect on God and to rejoice in him? When do you receive the blessing of his command to rest so that your mind, body, and spirit can be refreshed by him?


  • Pray that God will lead you to rest in his sovereign grace and provision.