Hashtags for Dummies!

imagesWe recently asked Robb Davidson who serves on our Communications Team for some help in understanding the hows and whys of using hashtags. He put together this very helpful summary for us at Mercy Hill; or should we say at #MercyHillWC! Thanks Robb.

Hashtags are a popular and growing tool used in today’s social media. At first glance, people have used them to extend some hilarious punch line to a post. But it goes much further than that. Within a few big dog social media companies (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…etc) hashtags are incredibly powerful. This can provide Mercy Hill three big things (among many others): the ability to organize, strengthening and growing a network, and increase the legitimacy of the content.

  • The Ability to Organize
    • What exactly is involved? The ability to create a simple online database collection of all posts, tweets, and images relating to a common topic. When using a unique but still recognizable hashtag, any group of people can contribute and discover the content.
    • How does this relate to Mercy Hill? By using/searching “#MercyHillWC”, all posts, tweets, and images can be discovered and organized without any extra work being done. (I could of sworn someone posted a quick excerpt from Craig’s amazing thought on Prayer…oh let’s just check the Mercy Hill hashtag)
  • Strengthening and Growing a Network
    • What exactly is involved? By creating a common tag to attach to posts online, we increase our relevancy and legitimacy in the community….and to google.
    • How does this relate to Mercy Hill? It’s no secret that a church body benefits from a strong bond within the church. We are also called to go OUT as believers to spread the Good Word. Our church is growing stronger within, and stretching out it’s arms to the community. This will help us with another avenue to reach newcomers to our church, or any church at all. (Oh wow look at all these posts from the service, awww Mayim looks SO cute….hey look they have River City coffee there!)
  • Increasing the legitimacy of the content
    • What exactly is involved? The Social Media organizes a great deal of content by recent posts, and repetition. Check out your news feed. The top of the page posts are either from minutes ago, or most likely something highly trending. To say in the least, there have been bands becoming household names who were powered by fans hashtagging their way up.
    • How does this relate to Mercy Hill? The more people are posting using the Mercy Hill hashtag, the more Mercy Hill will be in news feeds of friends. Not only in just the top of new feeds, but often enough to where it becomes more familiar to people.

So, Mercy Hill, let’s start wisely using our hashtag as another tool for getting the word out and keeping us connected in this social media savvy culture! #MercyHillWC.