4 Characteristics of Having a Passion for God

CompassAny follower of Jesus, any gathered body of believers, must be characterized by a sincere, tangible love and passion for God himself. It’s what we call having a Passion for God. He must be the center of our passions; the reason for our being. Knowing him better, loving him more deeply, treasuring him above all else, in other words, glorifying him, is the hallmark of a faithful church. From Psalm 68:1-8, we can draw out these thoughts to give us a picture of what it means to have a Passion for God

  • A person with a passion for God has the “magnetic north” of their soul set on God.
  • A person with a passion for God has a sense of seeking that is dead serious, even desperate for God.
  • A person with a passion for God actively pursues God – reflecting and meditating on him as they  dive into his Word; crying out to him in prayer.
  • A person with a passion for God will see inward transformation that will find outward expression –  deep inward satisfaction that finds rest and contentment in God expressing itself outward in joyful praise and worship!

“…the righteous shall be glad; they shall exult before God; they shall be jubilant with joy!” (Ps. 68:3)