Questions for Community Group & Family Discussion on Mark 7:14-23

UntitledWhen our Community Groups get together, one of the things they do is to talk through the sermon from that weekend, with a goal of application and life transformation. Tomorrow, we will be continuing the Gospel of Mark series, Jesus the Servant King. Our passage will be Mark 7:14-23, and we will be focusing on what Jesus has to say about the importance of getting to the heart!

To help you prepare for the time of worship in the word, we’re beginning to send these questions out before the worship service. Below are the discussion questions Community Group leaders will use. We’d encourage you to use these to: 1) prepare your heart for worship; 2) prepare for Community Group; and/or 3) discuss with your family or friends if you’re unable to make it to Community Group.

Introductory Question

  • How does our culture encourage us to focus on the external to the detriment of the internal (appearances vs. character)? How does the church do that?

Reflection Questions

  • Read the passage together…General thoughts and/or observations?
  • Why was it so hard for the disciples to understand what Jesus was trying to say?
  • How would you summarize or reword verse 15?

Application Questions

  • What is the danger of focusing on external actions instead of the internal heart? Where do you struggle with this?
  • Why is the Gospel the answer to this externally focused religion?


  • As you pray together: remember to pray that God will free you from the tyranny of the external and give you grace to be heart focused (Ps. 51:10). Pray that as a church, we will not be guilty of drawing people away from God by man-made external religiosity.