Month: October 2014

The next two weeks at Mercy Hill Church

Check out this video for more about what these next two weeks will look like as we worship together at Mercy Hill!



The Amazing Faith of An Outsider (Mark 7:24-30)

indexAs we looked at the interaction between Jesus and a gentile mom in Mark 7:24-30, we saw that the main focus was not on the incredible miracle Jesus performed (delivering her daughter from a demon), but was instead on her amazing faith. For Jesus, her simple, profound faith was a breath of fresh air that “dramatically contrasted with the hardened unbelief of the Pharisees and scribes, and even outshined the understanding of the disciples” (R. Kent Hughes).

How does our faith compare with hers? Listen…

Questions for Community Group & Family Discussion from Mark 7:24-30

UntitledWhen our Community Groups get together, one of the things they do is to talk through the sermon from that weekend, with a goal of application and life transformation. Yesterday, we jumped back into our Gospel of Mark series, Jesus the Servant King. Our passage was Mark 7:24-30, and the sermon titled The Amazing Faith of An Outsider.

To help you prepare for the time of worship in the word, we’re beginning to send these questions out before the worship service. Below are the discussion questions Community Group leaders will use. We’d encourage you to use these to: 1) prepare your heart for worship; 2) prepare for Community Group; and/or 3) discuss with your family or friends if you’re unable to make it to Community Group.

Introductory Question

  • Can you think of a time when someone unlikely did some thing completely unexpected?

Reflection Questions

  • Read the passage together…General thoughts and/or observations?
  • How does the woman make her request known to God? What’s the nature of her plea?
  • Is Jesus’ response harsh or hopeful? Explain either way.
  • What impresses you about the woman’s response to Jesus’ comment?

Application Questions

  • When you think about the woman’s faith, what characterizes it?
  • How does your own faith resemble that of the woman? Where does it need to grow?


  • As you pray together: Praise God that he accepts the faith of outsiders like us –  that there is no distinction – any who believe are accepted! Pray that God would grow your faith to reflect the faith of the woman; that we as a church would be people of such simple, deep faith!

Why Am I A Christian?

MercyHillWhyIamAChristian2This Sunday, we wrapped up our brief series Why Am I A Christian?. Three simple messages in which I reflected and gave my answer to that important question. In case you missed any of those Sundays, here is a link to the audio recordings…