Month: November 2014

Powerful Faith is a Faith that Prays

indexBy God’s grace we were able to gather and worship together through the Word this past Sunday. The main theme of the text in Mark 9:14-29 we explored was, “powerful faith is a faith that prays.”

I opened by explaining it this way…

Prayer is the outward action of faith that says, “I am weak. I am limited. I rely on your power God. I rely on your wisdom. In my weakness would your strength be seen. Without you I can do nothing. With you all things are possible.”

Click to listen to the sermon: Powerful Faith is a Faith that Prays, from the series in Mark, Jesus the Servant King.


God’s Kingdom, God’s Way

indexThis past Sunday, Mike Daling was with us, preaching from Mark 9:2-13. The main point of the text (Jesus’ transfiguration) that he brought out was that God was calling the disciples to see Jesus as he really is, and to “Listen to Him“. A phrase that has stuck with me is “We want God’s kingdom in our way, according to our time, etc.” Instead we ought to seek God’s kingdom in God’s way (connected back to Jesus’ “take up your cross and follow me” statement in 8:34). To have a better sense of this idea, click to listen to the message Listen to Him and be encouraged.

The Necessity of Jesus’ Suffering

indexThis past Sunday, we were back in Mark. Our text was 8:31-9:1; 9:30-32; and 10:32-33 – three times that Jesus predicted the necessity of his suffering, death, and resurrection that was soon to come. This quote from the ESV Study Bible is a great summary to why Jesus’ suffering was necessary.…

”Christ’s death is necessary because the eternal messianic rule of God begins with atonement for sin – the sacrifice that will bring about reconciliation between God and man.”

Click to listen to The Necessity of Jesus’ Suffering.