A Vision for Making Disciples in 2015

1and1In our mission we say that part of the reason we exist is for the “…gathering God’s people and growing them to be like Jesus.” As we enter into year two of our existence we think it would be great to lay before us a challenge to grow in our faithfulness in making disciples. Thus, the vision for “One and One”.

What? It is a very simple challenge with two parts…

  • “Gathering God’s people”. Faithfully pursuing to be a disciple maker by investing in the life of one person who is not yet a follower of Jesus. Building a relationship of gospel intentionality with the hope of being able to both “show” the gospel, and to “speak” the gospel.
  • “Growing them to be like Jesus.” Faithfully pursuing to be a disciple maker by investing in the life of one person who is already a follower of Jesus. Building a relationship with the intent of helping them to know Jesus better, to treasure him and his Word more fully, and to live in greater joyful obedience to his commands.

Who? Pray that God will lead you to people who you have a natural relationship with…

  • It could be your spouse, an extended family member, one (or more) of your children, a close friend, a neighbor, a co-worker, a classmate…
  • It may be that it ends up being the same person!

Support? How will we support and encourage each other to be faithful disciple makers?

  • Prayer. The vision of “One and One” will be a regular part of our corporate prayer. Community Groups and GAP will prioritize praying for one another’s disciple making desires.
  • Stories. We anticipate hearing many amazing stories shared on Sunday, at Community Groups, and in personal conversations about how God is working, as we trust him for open doors, courage, wisdom, and spiritual fruit.
  • Equipping. We will offer simple times of training to help your competence and confidence in both aspects of disciple making.

Goals? There are many goals/desires we have in laying out this “One and One” challenge…

  • We long to see more people come to faith in Jesus – to see his kingdom of joy-filled worshipers expand!
  • We long to see people growing in that faith – to see his kingdom of worshipers deepen!

We long to see Mercy Hill growing in faithfulness to God’s call to be a place full of disciple-making disciples – to see his kingdom servants experience the joy of disciple-making and grow in their habits of disciple-making.

Link to a brief audio version of the vision from 1/18/2015.