Marriage According to Jesus

indexThis past Sunday found us back in the book of Mark – chapter 10, verses 1-12. It is clear that the greater emphasis of Jesus in this passage is to show us the dignity, beauty, and importance of marriage. He raises the discussion on to a different plane altogether. The Pharisees want to talk about divorce; Jesus demands talking about marriage. Their primary interest was to see how far they could go in the realm of divorce and remarriage and still remain within the letter of the law. Jesus’ primary interest was in restoring men and women to the lifestyle for which they had been made. It is so hard for us to see this because, like the Pharisees, we want so much to have a detailed answer on the explosive issues of divorce and remarriage that we just blow by the essential nature of the purposes for marriage. But if we don’t get this, we won’t rightly get divorce and remarriage. Jesus knows this, and so drives the discussion back to its fundamental origin – God’s purposes in marriage.

Listen to the message, Marriage According to Jesus. Part of the series, Jesus the Servant King.