Mercy Hill Sunday Services Moving to Winfield – March 15!

A central and defining characteristic of MHC has been the call to “live on mission” as individual followers of Christ.

  • It is encouraging to see many at MHC living with “gospel intentionality” and representing Jesus in their communities.
  • What we call “living on mission,” is not dependent on the geography of where we meet on Sunday mornings. It is dependent on where God individually places each of us.

We have always considered it important to model “living on mission” not just individually, but as a church.

  • By God’s grace, so far, we’ve engaged in on-going opportunities to represent and share Jesus with one of the communities we are in – West Chicago.
  • The desire is to continue to build into those opportunities in West Chicago and pursue similar opportunities as a church in other surrounding communities.
  • We’ve been pursuing the “surrounding communities” aspect since last fall as some of our Winfield residents have had an increasing love for and opportunity to serve that community (CareFest opportunities, local school engagement, Ronald McDonald House and more).
  • We desire to keep moving forward in faith. To take what God has taught us as we’ve engaged West Chicago and use that model to also begin new and intentional engagement where God has clearly opened doors in Winfield. This is an exciting step!

When we began meeting at Turner Elementary in Feb. 2014, we agreed it was the best immediate place for us to gather as a new church. We intended to re-evaluate our meeting location in the fall of 2014. In the process of that evaluation God confirmed that while Turner was a providential meeting place for us at the start of Mercy Hill Church, it was not a long-term option.

bldg2_frontThe doors on the other opportunities we pursued in West Chicago closed. In the midst of that though, a door seemed to be opening in Winfield. Specifically at the Charles R. Beggs Recreation Center (Winfield Park District) on County Farm in Winfield. Not only was the facility suited for the needs of our church, but the park district staff were (to our surprise) very eager to consider the option for a church to meet there for the first time ever! After two months of conversation with park district staff, as well as prayer and consideration as elders and ministry leaders, we are confident that God is leading us to begin meeting in this really exciting new location.

The park district has been incredibly accommodating, and for example, has agreed to give us a 50% reduction in rental rate in order to allow us to maintain our current expense for rental. It also provides some on-site storage and other benefits that will reduce the workload on our volunteer efforts.
The plan for the transition is to complete our current rental contract with Turner that takes us through the first two Sundays of March, which means Sunday, March 15th will be our first Sunday meeting at the Charles R. Beggs Recreation Center.
Let’s bathe this decision in prayer…
  • Be praying with us for a smooth transition. There are a lot of logistics involved.
  • Be praying that God will continue to open doors to serve with a Gospel purpose everywhere MHC is represented.
  • Be praying about how he is calling you to continue serving within MHC and your own communities.

We understand that change of any kind or significance brings with it questions and feedback. Please bring those to any of the elders or ministry team leaders if we can help!

We are so excited to see how God continues to lead MHC in his plans for us in our individual communities and as a church in our CONTINUED efforts in West Chicago and NEW opportunities in Winfield!

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