What Will You Do When Jesus Calls?

indexIt was J.C. Ryle, in a previous generation, who wrote, “The man who boasts of having a saving interest in Christ, while he does not follow Christ in his life, is a miserable self-deceiver, and is ruining his own soul.” That was one of the primary applications for us from Mark 10:46-52, where I asked the question: “What will you do when Jesus calls?” The nature of a true believer in Jesus is to cry out for his mercy, believe in him, and then to follow him!

Listen to: What Will You Do When Jesus Calls? from the Gospel of Mark Series, Jesus the Servant King.

bldg2_frontRemember…we will be meeting for the first time at our new location this Sunday, March 15th at the Charles R. Beggs Recreation Center (Winfield Park District building). Worship @ 10am. Our passage will be Mark 11:12-25 and is titled, “Where False Faith Fails, True Faith Soars!”