Longing to Have a Tender Heart

indexWe were worshiping in Mark 12:1-12 yesterday; the parable of the wicked tenants. One thing that struck me was the amazing hardness of heart of the leaders whom Jesus was graciously offering one more warning, one more chance to turn from unbelief to faith. I saw myself and my own struggle against sin and unbelief. Here’s a quote from the sermon:

Our bent, as fallen, sinful human beings, is towards hardness of heart – desiring to throw off the sovereignty of God and be our own gods – to tend our own vineyards! We need to own that. As we own that, we will cry out to God for his grace to cause our hearts to be tender.

Listen to the audio of Rejected, Now Exalted! (Mark 12;1-12) from the series Jesus the Servant King.