Our Marching Orders…A Final Look at Mark’s Gospel

indexIn our final message in Mark, I wrapped up with this statement:

Mark shows us that Jesus came as the Servant King in fulfillment of the Old Testament hopes and promises that God would graciously restore and redeem wayward people to him. To do that, he has helped us to clearly understand that Jesus is God (his divinity); that he is King/Lord (his authority); that he is the Suffering-Servant of Isaiah 53 (his humanity and sacrifice); and that he is the Messiah/the Christ (his saving work).

Because all of these are true, Jesus has the authority to issue “marching orders” for his church, his redeemed people; to give us our purpose, our mission, here on earth until he returns. It is not complicated…Our mission is to take what he has revealed to us and make it known to all of creation! (Mark 16:15)

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