Month: August 2015

Sermon Audio: “I Will Discipline You”

promiseslogoThis quote from Andrew Murray is a good summary of the challenge of this week’s message (“I Will Discipline You”)…”Suffering is meant by God to make us holy. No one can welcome suffering except as he welcomes the holiness it brings.” Link to audio on


Sermon Audio: “I Will Fill You with Joy”

promiseslogoWhat is true joy? I took a definition from Wayne Grudem and bulked it up a bit: “Fullness of joy is a gift of the Holy Spirit to us, as he causes us to know God, abide in him, and delight in the excellence of his character and works that then results in the spiritual fruit of joy in the life of the follower of Jesus.”

Link to the audio of “I Will Fill You with Joy”

Link to the audio of 8.2.15’s message: “I Will Give You Strength”