Why Guest Preachers @ Mercy Hill?


Jevon Washington from Fellowship Church Memphis

Last Sunday and again this coming Sunday, we are hosting Jevon Washington as a guest preacher.  For those who are new to MHC, and as a reminder to all the rest of us, here is why we have men, like Jevon, preaching from time to time…

As my good friend Adam Sinnett put it (and I agree)…”I’m not jealous about the pulpit.” So, when I step out of the pulpit it is not because I just want to take some time off. One of the desires God has placed in my heart at this season of my life is to help develop the next generation of preachers/leaders for God’s church. That desire means we don’t always have the continuity you might want, but I think it is worth any challenge, awkwardness or confusion that might happen.

Again, I love how Adam talked about this: ”The local church was not instituted by Jesus to be a theatrical performance where only the best actors get on stage. No. The local church was instituted by God to be an outpost where the gospel is declared and its implications are lived out.”

What that means is that when I’m not preaching you’re not merely witnessing a second-string, “fill in” but a man who is often in the process of discerning and working out his calling and sharpening his gifts before God in the context of Jesus’ church.

It is a unique role we can play. It is a beautiful thing. Let’s pray, encourage, root for and honor such men and ask Jesus to raise up even more.