Community Groups

Our vision for Community Groups flows directly from our stated mission: Mercy Hill Church exists to bring glory to God and affect gospel change by gathering God’s people and growing them to be like Jesus.

Faithfulness to this mission will be helped in a number of ways, but one the most important for us is the development of vibrant, healthy Community Groups. The Christian life is to be lived in relation to other followers of Jesus. There are to be no “Lone Ranger” Christians. The vision of Christ and the Apostles is the church as a family, a body, a unified structure. There is a not-so-subtle example and implication that our lives as followers of Jesus are inexorably linked to one another, and that our ability to fulfill our God-given mission is dependent upon the connections we have with other Christians.

Because of this, we strongly encourage those who are a part of Mercy Hill to be involved in a Community Group. These groups will be the primary avenues for growth, care, and mission.

Community is a Means of Growth. God gives us three fundamental tools to help us grow in Christian maturity, what we call discipleship. He gives us his Word. He gives us prayer. And he gives us his people, fellow followers of Jesus. Because of this, our Community Groups will be Bible-saturated, and prayer-practicing with a view to life application.

Community as a Place of Care. Fellowship for the follower of Jesus is much more than just hanging out together at potluck dinners. It is deeper, richer, and more essential than just that! We gather together in Community Groups so that we can tangibly show love to one another—caring for each other’s needs, bearing each other’s burdens, sharing each other’s joy and grief. Because of this, our Community Groups will focus on getting to know one another in such a way that real care can be provided – in an atmosphere of security and trust.

Community as a Platform for Mission. Most all of us need help in staying faithful to God’s mission to be making disciples. A key feature of our Community Groups is that they will serve as a focal point for advancing the gospel in our neighborhoods. Because of this, our groups will be primarily geographically based, bringing together people who are in close proximity to one another, so that they can more effectively be a gospel witness in their areas.

Current Mercy Hill Community Groups…

  • West Chicago North (Scott & Deanna Goodwin) meets on Sunday afternoons.
  • Wheaton (Jack & Marcy Dean) meets on Sunday nights.

Email us at if you are interested in learning more about joining a Community Group.


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