By God’s grace, Mercy Hill Church is seeking to be an elder-led, deacon-served, congregationally-engaged church. We believe this is faithful to the biblical model and will help to ensure the health of the church.

The New Testament describes the qualifications for pastors/elders and for deacons. Those qualifications involve behavior, character, knowledge, spirituality, and abilities – both instinctive and learned. (See: 1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9; Matthew 18:15-17; Acts 13:1-3; Acts 6:1-6; 1 Timothy 3:8-13.)

Pastors/Elders. We believe in a plurality and equality of biblically qualified elders who, under the leadership of Christ our Head, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, seek to honor the Lord in the leading of a congregationally engaged church. We believe that the New Testament teaches that the role of elder and the role of pastor are one and the same. Therefore, all elders are pastors and all pastors are elders.

In the summer of 2015, we affirmed our first elder/pastor team. Serving in this servant leadership role are Terry Berthel, Jack Dean, Ryan Guerra, and Bob Vishanoff.


Recent Ministry Leaders SYNC

Ministry Leaders (Deacons). We also believe in the crucial role of biblically qualified, servant hearted, task-oriented deacons. Our ministry leaders function largely in deacon roles, serving the needs of the church. We are blessed to have many capable, faithful people serving. Here are our current ministry teams and leaders:

  • Prayer Lead (Bob Vishanoff)
  • Worship Arts Lead (Ryan Guerra)
    • Productions Lead (Brian Sturm)
  • Facility Lead (Terry Berthel)
  • Hospitality
    • Food Lead  (Leanne Christenson)
    • Greeters/Ushers Lead (Bill Curley)
  • Community Groups Lead (Jack Dean)
  • Mercy Kids (Children’s Ministry) Leads
    • Nursery (Kiri Leonard)
    • Early Childhood (Gail Oberkircher)
  • Communications Lead (April Dippy)
  • Finance Team (Mark Oberkircher, Marcy Dean, Marc Giacovelli, & Scott Goodwin)
  • Local Mission Lead (Bob Vishanoff)
  • Global Mission Lead (Bob Vishanoff)
  • Young Adult Crew (YAC) Leads
    • Steve & Janet Goodreau
    • Robb Davidson
    • April Dippy

Brian Sturm, Intern

Interns. We do internships because we are committed to discipling and training up the next generation of leaders for God’s church. Internships are for qualified individuals that desire to devote increased time to serving the church. The purpose of these is to pursue ministry experience, learn, grow as a disciple, gain clarity on ministry calling, and to labor for the gospel. We will look for men and women who are faithful, available, and teachable.  Currently, we have one intern:

  • Worship Arts/Productions Intern (Brian Sturm)

If you have any questions for Mercy Hill leaders, you can contact us at info@mercyhillblog.com.


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