Our 5 Passions

letterpress-passion-1-MOur mission is built on the foundation of our 5 Passions. These are summarized in the statement, “A Passion for God…A Passion for People”. The following is a simple description of our 5 Passions

A Passion for God. Our passion for God is largely a passion for worship. Our worship will be God-centered, Christ-exalting, Spirit-led, truth-informed, and affection-stimulating, full of gravity and gladness. (More…)

A Passion for Truth. Our passion for truth finds its bedrock in the Word of God. It will be for us the supreme and final authority in doctrine and practice. (More…)

A Passion for Prayer. Our passion for prayer is to see it be the central engine that drives all we do. Our prayer will be faith-filled, dependence-motivated, faithfully-practiced, both formal and spontaneous. (More…) If you have a need for prayer, please send it to us at pray@mercyhillblog.com.

A Passion for God’s People. Our passion for God’s people will be seen in commitments to biblical discipleship and fellowship. Our discipleship will be Word-based, mind-transforming, heart-changing, application-oriented, personal, and transferable. Our fellowship will be authentic, life-on-life, burden-bearing, joy-sharing, love-showing, and familial. (More…) If you’d like to learn more about  connecting with a Community Group, contact us at community@mercyhillblog.com.

A Passion for Unbelieving People. Our passion for unbelieving people will find its fruit in evangelism and outreach. Our evangelism will be Gospel-proclaiming, hope-giving, relationally-based, enduring, and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Our outreach will be Christ-motivated, justice-pursuing, needs-meeting, compassionate, generous and sacrificial. (More…)



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